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Wood Pellet Energy (UK) LTD

Pellet Production

This picture is the pellet production line, showing the feed bin, (located at the top) pellet press, (located underneath) and cooler (located at the far end).

There are ways to achieve a grant for your organisation for biomass systems. First through the DTIs Low Carbon Buildings Program, designed to give grants to both homeowners and business who wish to create a more energy efficient building. information of which is located at http://www.lowcarbonbuildings.org.uk/home/  Secondly, The Carbon Trust also offer energy free loans for organisations who are looking to upgrade to a more environmental and sustainable heating system. More information can be found at http://www.thecarbontrust.co.uk/energy/takingaction/loans.htm

Housed inside our production plant is our pellet line which produces our high grade refined wood pellet fuel.

At Wood Pellet Energy we source our wood to manufacture our pellets from recycled sources from around the region. All of the pellets that are manufactured are done so with environmental concern as one of our highest priorities.

Our wood pellets are carbon neutral, providing an excellent alternative for energy supply to traditional fossil fuels. It is a fact that Non-renewable energy sources are running out, fast. As the first fuel used by man, wood pellet fuel represents a viable long term cost effective solution as the energy source for your organisation.