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Wood Pellet Energy is the next generation in industrial and domestic heating using biomass. We can supply you both an environmentally sound, and cost competitive way to heat your building through wood pellet systems. Our experience of ten years in the industry and our market understanding has meant that we currently have a wide ranging client base, from commercial organisations to the County Durham Education Authority. This makes us the first choice for your biomass needs.

These are examples of Wood Biomass boilers which we can supply.
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“Climate change is probably, in the long term, the single most important issue we face as a global community” Tony Blair

In respect of this, the government has launched a new climate bill aimed at setting targets for business to cut carbon emissions in order to achieve a nationwide cut of 60% by 2050 - and of between 26% and 32% by 2020. Wood Pellet fuel is one of the ways that your business can change in order to achieve this goal.


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